TAVCA is the non–profit body formed in 2013 facilitating the creation of an environment to foster sustainable private equity and venture capital investment in Tanzania.

TAVCA considers private equity and venture capital investing an important ingredient in Tanzania's middle income aspiration, while promoting the role of its members in value creation.


The approach being taken by private equity and venture capital funds that maintain overseas offices and purport to cover all of East Africa / Africa is yielding an unattractive rate of deal flow in Tanzania. TAVCA has begun a holistic and consensus building process to establish an innovative deal flow blueprint that provides its members and stakeholders with an opportunity to:

  • Prioritise the leveraging of assets and businesses owned by Tanzanians and mitigate their risks;

  • Structure a pipeline for value investments and enhance the rationale for the management of industry and country specific funds in an emerging market;

  • Make the approach to development contemporary, scalable and appropriate to Tanzanians while igniting and growing the industry;

  • Prioritise the transfer of industry skills which present some of the greatest potential to address Tanzania's development needs;

  • Work closely at the bottom of the pyramid with Tanzanians and define Impact/Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) upwards - not as a downward conceptual notion of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) impact.


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TAVCA is a partner and interface for entities who are interested in private equity and venture capital in Tanzania.

For more information, please contact TAVCA at

We do not provide capital although typically we can offer exposure to our members and potential partners through our network. If you are looking for capital please contact TAVCA at

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